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Castle Cove Sailing Club is an active and friendly, family club located on the north shore of Portland Harbour. From small beginnings in a cliff-top chalet in 1923, we have grown steadily and in September 2002 we moved to our present site at the end of Old Castle Road, Weymouth.

During the lead up to the Olympics in 2012 we have welcomed sailors from over 20 countries to join us and train at the club. We have a strong self-help ethos and run an extensive programme of racing for both dinghies and keelboats. In conjunction with our busy sailing calendar we have a full social diary taking pride in being a very friendly club, run by members for members.

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How about sailing a Scorpion dinghy in 2016?

It’s that time of year when we start thinking about getting back on the water and perhaps what boat you fancy sailing this season. You’re back from the dinghy show having resisted the temptation to put a deposit on the latest whizzy moulded contraption to sail around the harbour on your own, but you still have a yearning for a change.

Well, here are the reasons why you should get a Scorpion:

The Scorpion is a responsive boat with a light hull that gives excellent acceleration. Upwind it points well and tacks easily, and off wind the spinnaker (which is the same size as a Fireball) provides really exciting performance when you want it. Back at the slipway it is easy to pull around with a hull weight of only 81kg two people can easily lift it when fully rigged.

The Scorpion is not a boat just for the accomplished sailor. The hard chine planing hull that gives performance upwind and downwind is also a stable platform for the beginner, and many sailors have learned their skills in a Scorpion. But being suitable for learning does not detract from the excitement gained from sailing a Scorpion, which is probably why many top sailors of other classes have come to sail a Scorpion.

How can a dinghy be great to sail in all conditions?

Well, the hull has a great shape to cut through waves; it is light-weight and doesn't suffer a big flat stern that slows you down when it's light. The rig allows for a great deal of adjustment so you can really depower the rig when it gets windy, but keep the power when it's light.

But surely that makes life too complicated?
The basic design is simple, but just adds a few extra controls to help you sail more easily.

Symetric Spinnaker: gives you a great deal more flexibility over a an asymmetric and just requires a little practice to get the hang of it. (We will help you with getting to grips with it, but more of that later)

Raking rigging: found on most modern boats allows you much more ability to control the power of your rig to suit the conditions.

 Why sail a Scorpion at CCSC?

So you've decided it's the right boat to sail, but that is only part of what makes a good boat to sail at any club. The Scorpion fleet has always been strong at Castle Cove and has many very experienced sailors keen to share their knowledge and tips and are a great bunch of friendly sailors, many with young families. We will be having a Scorpion social in April to discuss the season ahead, plan some coaching & training and meet the new sailors. Even if you don’t have a Scorpion yet or just want to have a go come along – we will be announcing the date soon.

Let me know and I will add you to the mailing list for Scorpion activity.


CCSC Scorpion Class Rep

"whatever the weather it's Scorpion weather"

Life Jacket Clinic

On Saturday 19th March our friends from the RNLI visited Castle Cove Sailing Club to carry out a Life Jacket Clinic, this was organised by the Keelboat Cruising Section of the Club.

Castle Cove have the utmost highest respect for Safety on the water and has welcomed the RNLI on several occasions to do Safety Talks at the Club, well this was no exception, members at the club were invited along to have their life jackets inspected this was a great timing as we approach our Sailing Season for 2016, as you would expect many members came in believing they were safe, however following many checks that morning we found that a few of us had minor faults, these faults ranged from general wear and tear to gas cylinders underweight and firing mechanisms out of date, it was a real eye opener we rely so much as sailors on a piece of equipment many of us take for granted and not making simple checks regularly could have resulted in items not performing as they should.

We urge all sailors to just take 5 mins and check your Life jackets after all they do save lives and the last thing you want when you really need it is that vital piece of equipment to fail.  But as well as checking them you need to make sure you wear them.

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