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Castle Cove Sailing Club is an active and friendly, family club located on the north shore of Portland Harbour. From small beginnings in a cliff-top chalet in 1923, we have grown steadily and in September 2002 we moved to our present site at the end of Old Castle Road, Weymouth.

We have a strong self-help ethos and run an extensive programme of racing for both dinghies and keelboats. In conjunction with our busy sailing calendar we have a full social diary taking pride in being a very friendly club, run by members for members.

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Sand removal at Castle Cove Sailing Club


Sand removal at Castle Cove Sailing Club

The sand removal project was successfully completed as planned 29th and 30th March 2021.

Sand had built up over a number of years in the area used to launch keelboats from the Club, to the point that some boats could no longer be launched or recovered.  Something had to be done!

Planning had started in January 2021 and permissions obtained from the MMO, Natural England, SSSI Consent and Portland Harbour Authority.

The weather on the project days was perfect.

Additional projects were completed repairing the surface of the Club car park.  The digger was used on the car park while the tide was too high to work on the beach.  This made the best use of the hire of the digger and its operating crew.

CCSC launch area prior to sand removal


Work in progress

CCSC launch area after the digging was complete photo1

CCSC launch area after the digging was complete photo 2


Impact on the beach

The sand was deposited in 3 areas, two of which were on the high water line so that the spring high tide could wash and flatten the heaps and living organisms could easily return to the sea.  The cleanest sand was deposited in a third location, higher on the beach.

Some of the sand was grey/ black with smelly decomposed organic matter from seaweed that frequently becomes trapped in the area under the club crane. 

Various other items of debris were mixed in with the sand and have subsequently been cleaned up by club member volunteer ‘beach combers’, as items have become exposed by the tide.

Within a week, the areas of sand deposition on the beach were unnoticeable.

Sandsfoot Beach 29/3/21(Monday)


Sandsfoot Beach 30/3/21 (Tuesday – 2 tides later)

Sandsfoot Beach 1/4/21 (Thursday 6 tides later)

Ian Green

Rear Commodore Sailing CCSC

April 2021

That Ketchup Bottle situation

I heard an expression on Match of The day this morning which was, " This is a ketchup bottle situation."  It refers to a situation where nothing happens for a long time then it comes all at once. To avoid an unfortunate stain on the breakfast tablecloth the Castle cove committees have been working hard to make sure that everything is in place to benefit from the enthusiasm and activity that is about to be released.

So, Welcome to the new sailing season. That feels great to say. After all the frustration of the past 12 months it looks like we are going to get a great season of sailing activity.

We have a full programme of racing, cruising and training activities which will hopefully enable you to find something that you can join in with and enjoy. The programme will be published in the handbook but it is also available from the link on the website.

As you will see it is a full calendar but let me give you some of the highlights.

Afternoon Start times
When Monica was Sailing Secretary, she held a dinghy annual meeting during which the weekend race starts times were discussed. The meeting felt that it might be beneficial to move the Sunday races to the afternoon. It was felt that this would allow the sea breeze to build and give better sailing. Accordingly, this season we have moved the Sunday race starts to 2 pm from June until the end of August.

Weekend racing for keelboats

We have also re-introduced Sunday racing for the keelboats. For the summer there will be an all in Z class start after the dinghies. I suspect this might take a while to build in popularity but I am hoping that, with the afternoon start time, it will appeal to those racers that cannot always make the evening starts.

Sonata Invitational
To encourage the Sonatas we have an invitational weekend where we hope some Sonatas from the  Solent and from Brixham will join us. This will run alongside our normal racing and will not lead to any lost club racing.

Open events and championships
We have a couple of open events in the calendar this season beginning with the Contender / International Canoe open meeting at the end of May and the RS 700 / 800 national championships in September.

Carry on Cruising
The Cruising calendar is as extensive as ever. Lots of favourite destinations on the list plus a few new ports to visit. Mike and Monica will be keeping the events interesting and fun. 

On the training front, I am really pleased that Andrew Eastaugh has agreed to lead the Sail for All sessions. Andrew has some great new ideas for Saturday afternoons which should appeal to those seeking more experience or the opportunity to practice with safety cover in place. There is also an Optimist SW regional training weekend early in the season alongside the Cadet land day.

Ladies Sailing will continue to fill Friday mornings with activities while the Cadets will make Saturday morning as much fun as ever.  That does leave Friday evenings free and I am gathering opinions on what we might do on a Friday evening.  If you have any ideas of what you would like to see then please let me know.  

Personally, I am looking forward to a great season and will be sailing at every opportunity. I hope that you will be able to join me. If you have any questions or suggestions please email me or catch me at the club. I am always open to suggestions for how we can improve our sailing. 


Richard Bowers
Sailing Secretary CCSC

Late Membership Renewals

Membership renewals will close Sunday 21st March.

Late renewals can still be made on Marusa or by contacting the Membership Secretary

RS 700/800 Nationals

9th - 12th September
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