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Castle Cove Sailing Club is an active and friendly, family club located on the north shore of Portland Harbour. From small beginnings in a cliff-top chalet in 1923, we have grown steadily and in September 2002 we moved to our present site at the end of Old Castle Road, Weymouth.

During the lead up to the Olympics in 2012 we have welcomed sailors from over 20 countries to join us and train at the club. We have a strong self-help ethos and run an extensive programme of racing for both dinghies and keelboats. In conjunction with our busy sailing calendar we have a full social diary taking pride in being a very friendly club, run by members for members.

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Dinghy Annual Meeting
14.00 Sunday 2nd November 2014
CCSC Clubhouse

Z Class Annual Meeting
19.30 Wednesday 12th November 2014
CCSC Clubhouse

Please do make the effort to attend as these meetings provide the basis for sailing activity next season.

If you have ideas that you would like for next year - come and share them with us.

Do you miss the Obstacle Race or Team Racing? Come and let us know. Do you want more short cruises or longer organised trips to other clubs? Come and let us know. Are there any racing formats you would like us to try?

What would get you to come sailing more often - come and share your thoughts!

CCSC Keel Boat Lift-Out 2014

The first day, Tuesday 7th October 06.45 and the weather wasn’t too bad, the wind blowing at around 18 knots was from the W, the water was high enough for the first boat to be lifted and then…..the crane wouldn’t work!! The Lift Team can arrange and plan for most things but not the weather or the reliability of the crane!

A mechanic was called and eventually the crane was fixed in time for the planned afternoon lift. We managed to lift out 12 boats before the light eventually faded and in the interests of safety we had to call a halt to the proceedings.

Day 2 -  06.45  The wind had moved round to the SW and was beginning to increase. 12 boats were lifted before the wind was considered too strong to continue safely with gusts of up to 30 knots.

  Day 2 – wind increasing to 30 knots

Day 3 – 06.45  The wind was now gusting at over 45 knots from the SW and with no sign of improvement for the rest of the day the lift was cancelled.

Day 4 – 06.45 and what a difference a day makes….

Although still breezy 17 boats were safely lifted out.

Day 5 – 07.00 and the remaining boats were lifted out along with the pontoons and club boats.

Thanks to all who gave assistance in what was one of the most difficult lifts this team has had and especially to those of you who did not actually have a boat coming ashore. Often unappreciated but never forgotten -  thanks to the ferry drivers who not only got up earlier than most of us but battled against the weather getting people out to their boats and towing those that couldn’t get their engines started. There will be a course during the winter months on boat engine maintenance – we suggest you attend!

To keep us all going with smiles on our faces the ladies in the tea hut slaved over hot-plates and boiling kettles to keep an endless supply of bacon butties and cups of tea flowing while having to brave the elements themselves. Thanks to you all.

Lift Team

Future Events

Sat 01 Nov Weymouth and Portland Cruising association laying up supper - 12.00pm (Details)

Sun 02 Nov Dinghy Annual Meeting - 2.00pm (Details)

Sat 08 Nov Annual Bonfire & Fireworks Night - 6.00pm (Details)
Bonfire on the Beach followed by Fireworks with our delicious Soup & Hotdogs for refreshment.Don't forget....
Wed 12 Nov Z Class Annual Meeting - 7.30pm (Details)

Sat 13 Dec Christmas Party - 12.00am (Details)
Themed Event run by Ladies Sailing
Sun 21 Dec Commodores Punch Party - 12.00am (Details)
Bring a plate to share
Fri 26 Dec Boxing Day Race - 12.00am (Details)
A refreshing sail followed by mince pies & mulled wine.
Sat 07 Mar Cruiser Supper - 7.00pm (Details)

Sat 11 Apr Weymouth and Portland Cruising association Fitting out supper - 12.00pm 11 Apr (Details)
Fitting Out Supper for Saturday the 11th of April for Weymouth and Portland Cruising associtation members....

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